Caregiver Resource Links

A list of resources and links to agencies that provide caregiver with support and services.
  • Care Giver Support Groups

    Living Healthy Champlain

    Living Healthy Champlain provides a centralized program in the region to improve coordination of and access to self-management supports, programs and resources for people with chronic conditions, and training for healthcare professionals supporting patients living with chronic conditions.

    Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre

    The Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre offer general caregiver support groups and support groups specifically for caregivers of individuals experiencing dementia-related disorders.

    Hospice Palliative Care Ontario

    HPCO has launched a comprehensive set of caregiver modules with the goal of providing informal caregivers with support, resources & information needed to be the best caregiver they can be. Visit the modules at

    Care Channel

     CareChannel is an online portal that provides FREE resources to family and community caregivers. Among many topics, our practical skill guides tackle tricky tasks such as How to Maintain a Catheter or How to Help Someone Shower, and our self-care tips help caregivers stay positive and prevent burnout.

    All the tools and resources are available in 5 languages: English, French, Punjabi, Spanish, and Mandarin.

  • Wills, Estates and Power of Attorneys

    Mann Lawyers

    Mann Lawyers are available to help with wills, estates and power of attorney.

    Vanier & Associates

    Vanier & Associates are available to help with wills, estates and power of attorney.

  • Seniors Downsizing

    Agewell Solutions

    Agewell Solutions provide trusted guidance for aging adults and their families.

  • Home Safety and Fall Prevention for Seniors

    Government of Canada - The Safe Living Guide

    This guide provides advice on how to prevent injuries by keeping your home, yourself and your environment as safe as you can. Checklists allow you to verify and increase the safety of your surroundings and lifestyle, and real-life stories offer testimony to the value of adapting.

    Modern OT

    Modern OT are occupational therapists trained to analyze your ability to participate in all activities of daily living.

  • Respite Care

    Hospice Care Ottawa

    Hospice Care Ottawa is a community-based charitable organization. Hospice Care Ottawa offer palliative and end-of-life programs and services to people living in the City of Ottawa. All services are offered at no charge to clients and their families.

  • Old Age Security

    Old Age Security

    The OAS pension is a monthly payment available to seniors aged 65 and older who meet the Canadian legal status and residence requirements.

  • Navigating the Health Care System

    211 Ontario

    211 helps to navigate the complex network of human services quickly and easily, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in over 150 languages.

    Home and Community Care - Champlain LHIN

    If you, or someone you care about, needs health care services at home, at school or in the community, or if you are considering supported living programs or long-term care options, home and community care at the Champlain Local Health Integration Network can help.

    Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre - Primary Care Outreach to Seniors

    The Primary Care Outreach to Seniors program works in collaboration with health professionals and other agencies to reduce isolation and support high risk seniors (aged 65 and above) living at home.

  • Family Medical Leave for Caregivers

    Family Medical Leave

    Information from the Ontario government on all aspects of Family Medical Leave

  • Dementia Care

    Dementia Care

    The Dementia Society offers caring and supportive counsel, dementia and caregiver information, education, referrals and help navigating the health and social care system as well as social, recreational and caregiver peer support.

  • Canada Pension

    Canada Pension

    The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) provides contributors and their families with partial replacement of earnings in the case of retirement, disability or death.

  • Advanced Care Planning

    Speak Up Ontario

    Speak Up Ontario is an initiative of Hospice Palliative Care Ontario to improve awareness of Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning in the Province of Ontario.