Foot Care

Having trouble reaching your feet? Are your feet causing you problems? We can help with that! Every Thursday at the Olde Forge we offer a foot care clinic provided by registered foot care nurses from Kirsten’s Foot Care who are specially trained to help you with foot related problems.

Though the Olde Forge has offered a foot care clinic for years, the Kirsten’s Foot Care team took over the clinic in late 2016.

You might be wondering why you should see one of our foot care nurses instead of going to the local salon. Foot care is not always about the basic ‘pedicure’. The nurses from Kirsten’s Foot Care are required to be registered as nurses by the province and are held to a standard of practice. They have specialized training in advanced and diabetic foot care that goes beyond their regular nursing training. In addition to cutting and filing your toe nails, they will also take care of any concerns such as removing corns or calluses; taking care of dry or cracked skin; and even treating ingrown nails.

The nurses from Kirsten’s Foot Care are also trained to look at the overall health of your lower leg and foot. While providing care, they are also assessing your circulation, temperature, pulses, and checking for sensation and any swelling. They are there to help with common foot issues, while also providing preventative care. It’s not just about cutting toenails.

One of the most important things about how they provide care is that all the instruments and materials they use are either sterile-to-point of use (autoclaved) or disposable. As the foot care industry is not regulated, not everyone sterilizes their equipment. Kirsten’s Foot Care makes your health and safety top priority, by using sterile-to-point of use or single-use disposable instruments. It’s your right to know whether foot care instruments are cleaned, sanitized, disinfected or sterilized before they touch your feet; don’t hesitate to ask the practitioner.

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, please contact the Olde Forge to book an appointment. Drives can be organized through transportation. However if you can’t get to the clinic, Kirsten’s Foot Care is also available to provide foot care appointments at your home.

This is a high-demand program with a waiting list for new appointments.

  • PLEASE NOTE: To help support the City of Ottawa's physical distancing restrictions, the Olde Forge has modified and enhanced some of its programs and services at this time.