Volunteer Stories

Doug Drew

After 30 years as a volunteer driver with the Olde Forge, Doug Drew, the man with the beautiful music playing in his car, has decided to retire! The actual number of volunteer hours Doug has given over the past 30 years is hard to calculate (his time with us pre-dates our database) but from the information we have, the number is well over 10,000 hours!

Marilyn Ettinger

Marilyn started in June 2006 in the luncheon and Day programs.  She is a "Jacquelin of all trades" - she has helped with admin, fold and stuff, at the reception desk and currently the main volunteer for footcare.  She is caring and efficient and a true ambassador for Olde Forge in addition to acting as official photographer for many of our events.

Gisele Desjardins

A volunteer since January 2017, Gisele started in the Luncheon Program and shines at the desk and any administrative work thrown her way.  She is an integral part of the billing process as she has excellent attention to detail from her past career at Scotiabank.

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