Volunteer Spotlight - Archie "The Bun Man"

Volunteer - Archie Volunteer - Archie

Archie was born in Victoria Cove, Gander Bay Newfoundland. He is the eldest of a family of 8 (4 boys and 4 girls!) His father  worked in the lumber camps and his mother looked after the chores at home. Archie remembers how much his mother loved her garden and caring for her cows, pigs, sheep and hens. Archie has fond memories of home- recalling that his mother "always had an extra plate on the table". He was 13 years old when he stood on a chair to help his mother knead bread for the first time when her arthritis was bad.

He left home at 17 years old. Being a big lad, he went off to camps where he worked in the cook house baking bread and buns and ALWAYS using his mother's recipe. Around the age of 23, Archie left the work camps and headed to Ontario where famers were needed at that time. This is where he met his future wife and they married in 1960. Archie moved on from there to work for the Experimental Farm for the next 21 years. He then moved to Toronto to work for the Federal Government in Meat Inspection before finally retiring. 

Archie did not hesitate when I asked him to make the buns for the Olde Forge Bean Supper, instead, like a true Newfoundlander, his response was "Sounds like a plan!"

Thank you for sharing your passion with all of us Archie.